01 Core Value Index Coaching




When you sign up for this module you will receive the full Core Value Index report and two private 45 minute consulting sessions

Working with core values nature provides a springboard for understanding motivation for action, sense of personal mission, and the interpretation of individual work and life activity as meaningful.

Using the CVI, we help clients discover who they are and how to consciously direct life choices by their deepest innate core value.

The core value index will help you identify

  • Your mental model of the world
  • Your highest contribution
  • The direction of your career
  • Your negative conflict strategies

When you purchase this module you will immediately receive a link to take the Core Value Index survey and will receive a preliminary report.  Once that is completed we will send you your full report with a link to our appointment calendar for you to set up your first consulting appointment with Ira Gardner who is a certified CVI Coach practitioner.  

We will schedule your second appointment approximately two weeks later depending on the personal goals you set during the first appointment.

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