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Why most artist starve and most businesses fail in the first 3-5 years

Let’s face it, most artist and small business owners struggle to make a living. Their business started out of a love for what they do without the management expertise needed to become successful.

If you are like most people you are passionate about your work but are overwhelmed with too many tasks that feel unnatural to who you are and never seem to get you to your goals. Most artists and small business owners give up and quit within the first 3-5 years. We want to help you avoid that fate!

Copying someone else’s success won’t work!

Most people who start a small business or a career as an artist have very little business management experience and rely on copying what they have seen other successful people do without understanding why copying someone else’s business plan is a recipe for disaster!

Simply stated, you can’t copy someone else’s career plan because you are not able to embody their personality and life experiences that give their brand authenticity.

Because of this you will subconsciously resist and sabotage yourself because the act of copying someone else is unnatural and painful to our psyche. It won’t feel right and you will not understand why but you will resist it and fight it until ultimately running your business into the ground.

You are too unique for a cookie cutter business plan

You are too unique and special for someone else’s plans to work for you! Each person is on their own HERO’S JOURNEY to success.. If success was as simple as duplicating a recipe then everyone would be successful!

The fact is that successful businesses have an origin story that is unique to the founders of the company and anyone who tries to duplicate that will surely fail.

You need to cultivate your success through a discovery process that involves getting to know exactly who you are and what makes you unique and special in the marketplace.

Subconscious factors that affect your success

Failure is the result of not understanding the subconscious factors in your personality that are sabotaging your success. Most people simply don’t know what their strengths and weaknesses are or the emotions that drive their actions.

When it comes right down to it, the products and services we create and offer to our customers are a translation of the emotions that are driving our actions.

Without understanding what your innate personality profile is like you will run your career like someone who is driving a car blindfolded!

Most creative business owners struggle to balance being organized with their need for exploration through daydreaming!

Why most creative people fail in business

Creative people usually fail in business because they struggle to keep up with the day to day tasks of running a business because their brains aren’t wired that way!

They want to explore new ideas and not get bogged down by doing the same thing over and over which is exactly what successful companies do in order to provide their customers with a consistently positive experience!

Without understanding how their creative personality works, the fun of running a business turns into drudgery that kills their passion and ultimately their career.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We have a tool called the CORE VALUES INDEX that identifies your unique strengths and weaknesses. With our business coaching and consulting we help you develop a business model that is authentic to you and empowers you to thrive.

Running a truly successful business takes the same creativity that making art or any other bespoke products does! Running a successful business is about getting in touch with the deepest emotional levels of your being and developing products and services that translate those emotions into solutions for other people’s problems.

We’re here to help!

You are in the best place possible to help you with your career! We are here to help you build a successful career through a learning process that involves getting in touch with your subconscious personality traits and discover your unique strengths and weaknesses and help you build a custom tailored business model that supports you financially.

We’re here to help you move past your limitations and reach your goals!

We are dedicated to helping creative people like you build successful careers and businesses.

Take the first step!

Take the first step today by taking CORE VALUE INDEX that will give you immediate insights about how you can bring your very best to the world and transform it into a successful career!

“I learned a great many things that have immediate practical application, in fact already used/integrated a lot of new things in the past few weeks. Thank you for your supportiveness, and help getting to a place of confidence and success as an artist.  Soon I will not be a starving artist, in the financial sense.  I’m a hungry artist in the sense that there is always something to learn, create, enjoy.  Art gives me hope.  Thanks for being a part of that.”

~ Grace June
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