Building Your Business Model

Building a business model is like constructing a building.  The size of the structure is determined by the size of your dreams and goals.  To build a business model that is perfect for you we have to start by creating a vision that represents your goals.  Visions are about where you want to live, what kind of work environment, number of employees, and your overall position in the marketplace.  Simply put your VISION determines what size of structure you will need to support your goals. 

Your goals can range in size from extremely small to extremely large! 

Once you have that the next step is to find your WHY and develop your MISSION.  To help you with this we use the CORE VALUES INDEX to explore your mental model of the world and to identify your highest  contribution to it. This will help you know what kinds of problems in the marketplace you excel at helping people with.  Your MISSION is the concrete foundation that supports all the rest of your business model.  

I have created the graphic below so you can see how each module in my online business development class is designed to help you build a business model that you can be confident will support your dreams.

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